Our work includes supporting The Kings Heritage Orphanage home to 30+ amazing children in Nigeria with bright futures due to the work of the home. We support the next generation because we believe it is our duty as a community to provide for those who cannot fend for themselves so we are committed to supporting the children of Africa for as long as we are empowered to do so by our community.

We also offer school scholarships to children in Africa. Our vision is to teach these children to grow Africa into a self-sustainable land and are investing in this model.

We also work with youth in the UK building jobs and providing educational services and resources to our community. We also offer scholarships to families and young people who are unable to afford key community service. We have supported and created many workshops and Saturday school programs in the UK and want to do more!


BPG Wayewa is looking for partners in change so we want to know exactly how you wish to create change so we can support your work. Our charity work is so important to us because BPG is not about only charity it is about empowering the next generation to be the leaders of a new world. Sign up to BPG to support the Work of The Wayewa Foundation alternatively you can Donate direct to the charity by visiting our Just giving link below


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