Your giving today can secure a child's tomorrow!

Wayewa:  Creating A Love Based Civilisation one Child at a Time. Every Donation is planting a seed into the new world of love and light. Planting seeds for the next generation as well as those who are most vulnerable. Wayewa is empowering supporting and sowing seeds of love globally. Please join us on our quest where our world may be built by supporting children one at a time.


The Kings heritage orphanage in Nigeria Ijebu is the seed for the work of Wayewa Foundation. The Kings Heritage is in the heart of Wayewa as it is based in the former house of the Grandfather (Now deceased) of the Wayewa founders. Use of the house was donated to the children by the family and is where 25 beautiful children are being supported. Our Vision is to through support of our global community we will be able to upgrade the infrastructure for the orphanage to be able to welcome many more children providing tools and resources for their development. We are currently donating monthly to the orphanage paying for the lunch the children enjoy daily. With your help we can do more.

Titilayo Child School Scholarship

In Wayewa we believe every child deserves an education, so they may be empowered to become the best version of themselves striving for the highest levels in all facets of life. As we grow, we be able to support more children and help their educational development. Education is a basic need for every child. In a society where your level of education is directly related to the level of respect you are given we want all children who to therefore receive the best of the best in terms of opportunity and we strive for this more every day. A scholarship has therefore been created in the name of the founders maternal Grandmother Titilayo to give free education to children whose parents cannot afford to pay.

Wayewa Cares About Women and believes she is The Woman Nurturer of nations. We adopt an African philosophy of the divine union between Woman and Man. In Africa feminism was never needed because true power laid with the women. As life givers ensuring the women and children are respected and protected is the main function of the man in African culture. Wayewa Cares is designed to empower the women of our communities so that they may build the nation alongside the man. Too many mothers have been expected to do it alone without support too children are brought up without any support system but their one ever-present mother. Wayewa needs the power of the divine feminine to shine through for our nation. Wayewa looks to fill a void relating to issues that may cause distress, anxiety, or a permanent feeling of helplessness.  Wayewa will bring power back to women in our community so that they can stand in divine union with the man as we continue to build a legacy for the children to come.

Support For Nigeria Children & Youth

With Your Donation, we can continue to support Nigeria children and youth  with relief materials and palliatives in this time of extreme needs.