To The Men Of Wayewa!

There is nothing toxic about his masculinity. Pride, loyalty, and an uncompromising knowledge of self resembles the black man that devotes his life to his legacy – The Black Woman and Child!

There are certain questions in life that one could describe as eternal. One can describe these questions in this way because they transcend the present look past our daily life striking the core of our very being. What is the purpose of life…? What is right and what is wrong… What Is a man and what is a woman? I want you to picture the black man as a living manifestation of these questions each one intimately linked creating a reflection of our consciousness.

What is a man? That is a loaded question one in 2020. Loaded with so many connotations behind ideas of masculinity. This makes it so difficult to get an answer to this question. Why is it important to answer this question you may ask… Patriarchy is toxic, it is no longer a man’s world and feminism should dictate that the question is moot. I would then respond that I represent a community desperately in need of its men and how will one fit the criteria necessary to be that very man.

What does that man look like? A man that will build his community, raise his family and advance the consciousness in a time when mother Africa needs him. We at least need an idea on what that looks like for my young brothers for my sisters and for Mother Africa. Mother Africa is our world, our motherland, your own mother, your sister, wife, and children. In a world where the will of a dark and despicable world is forcing its will upon you and your community the real men must stand up.

What is it like being a black boy? Growing up as black boy in London the idea of identity was just a concept. Experiencing life at the superfast pace of the big city everyday faster than the last, an interconnected city going fibre optic. An experience like no other a Diasporic vortex manifesting both a Western and African story. The question now is who should you be? First 50 cent and Gucci Mane gave us the answer it was obvious be a gangster, be tough and most importantly buck fitches and get money. Our ends became our legacies with constant theories and actions of how you defend that legacy with your life. All for the hood.

The Kardashians came along and the Queens in disguise learnt to twerk, over sexing young boys further. The music echoing a sentiment, teaching you that she is not a queen in fact she is a bitch a liar, an enemy. You want to love and be loved, but according to WordStar a woman cannot not love you truly. Looking for love therefore is a loser’s game, so a boy is taught, he learns to look for short term gratification and his wife is taught to chase the bag. In a racist world which fears your masculinity, calling it toxic, they would rather see you in a dress than standing up for your family.

Who is Dr Cress Welsing? We refer to Dr Cress Welsing as a deity a scholarly giant who extensively about the agenda to feminize the black male. Dr Francis Cress Welsing understood that we live in a system built on the backs of black men. Literally the original bonds in banking were slavery bonds translating into white men trading the free labour black men. She teaches us to understand that system and to understand our role as black men in our homes, in our communities and in our daily lives. Black man you will find comfort, in yourself and in your woman. Only when you know yourself, only then you will know what to do and be ready.

What is truth? In Wayewa we talk about truth as using your knowledge of the most high and your connection to the all to frame your perception of the world. So, people may make jokes about absent fathers but if you live in a city like mine you will see Black Men with their families every day. So, what is the truth? Black men must stand for truth in a world that needs a new way. You stand for truth by being the man that the woman of your dreams needs you to be before you meet her. Respect your self and your time by being a man of means. A man that can provide for yourself and a family. Build a community support your brothers and sisters out of this system understanding group economics is the key to a nation. Read about and meditate on the man you wish to be overcoming the ego on your journey to yourself. Give up your self for your woman and your family which is the only legacy worthy of a man. The rest is just noise.

This is a call to the soul of The Black man and his Woman a call to the Black man to look inwardly Fight the biggest fight, scale the biggest mountain, the challenge is for our own self. We are at war for the consciousness of our people Black men will you fight with me?

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