What if we told you that you could help the children of Africa and also support yourself?

We call our work in Africa the seed of our organisation. For years now we have been providing the daily lunch meals for the children at the Kings Heritage home in Ijebu Nigeria. We call it a seed because the children of Africa and here in the UK should bear the fruits of the work we are doing around the world.

In the Diaspora with a general lack of investment in the national youth sector and limited opportunities to create effective solutions, we strive to create our own opportunities to encourage young people and in turn, combat social exclusion.

We believe in abundance in its entirety, and this includes abundant health, wealth – in the form of an abundant wallet and an all-round abundant and united community.

As part of BPG, we offer regular health sessions, solutions, and advice through The Abundant Body journals, provided by our expert natural health practitioners .

As well as health, cultivating and growing the wealth of our community is paramount. We offer investment and money management insight, whilst assuming the responsibility of keeping our community informed and up to date with new currency trends, embracing the new way of living. Times are changing and we have made it our purpose to ensure our community too, moves with the times.

At the forefront of it all, our aim is to come together as a united front to be able to offer solutions and opportunities to our young people around the world, in order to help us all reach maximum potential.

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