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BPG Crypto is one of our proudest member benefits that we offer to our community. For too long irresponsible education and poor spending habits have kept many of us unable to make progress in our finances. This coupled with a global economic environment which is set up to ensure that most citizens end up unable to create the wealth necessary to ensure safety and security for themselves and families across the world. These factors are a manifestation of what John Perkins author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman describes as “predatory capitalism” which has crippled the third world and left most in the west in need of financial assistance in order to survive.

We believe you deserve abundance and therefore work to create materials to support our community understand their finances but also the Global Macroeconomic environment. Bitcoin is an exciting opportunity for individuals to opt out of this bleeding financial climate and secure their wealth in an asset free of control from any individual, nation or malicious actor. This is why making sure our community is educated on the breakthrough technology Bitcoin is becoming for the world. Cryptocurrency is being described as the biggest transfer of wealth in modern history and we want to enable as many of our community as possible to understand what exactly bitcoin is and how they can use it grow their wealth. We have created the Abundant Investor Thesis which dictates you should always be getting paid. This is through diligent acquisition of assets which can yield positive income. Therefore, we constantly update our community with different ways they can add new assets to their portfolio and therefore grow their wealth.

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